Where: The Space, 269 Westferry Road, Isle Of Dogs,E14 3RS

When:April 11th-15th 2017


The Dominatrix Meets Purcell’s Opera Dido & Aeneas in a Performance Art Adaptation

Queen of Carthage re-imagined as Dominatrix Queen of Carnage striking up with the Overture of The Punished Behind.

Eternus Rebellus (ER) Productions a one woman collaborative company produce this dark, funny & touching multi-disciplinary work which delves into the world of the Dominatrix through Henry Purcell’s opera Dido & Aeneas. The piece of live art with a narrative will run April 11th-15th 2017 at The Space Theatre under the creative direction of Sobriety Twist as a continuation of her previous work themes (Fierce International Festival 2008: Ed Fringe 2007) exploring the non social norm that is the Dominatrix as a female icon of empowerment through her exploration & practice of both opera and performance art/experimental theatre.

Encompassing performance, film, digital imagery, installation art, soundscape, live cello and opera the work follows the narrative of Henry Purcell’s Dido & Aeneas in this modern alternative adaptation. Split into three acts the first part is an immersive audience experience with the next two acts a more traditional sit down audience experience. Following the narrative of Dido & Aeneas the scenes are all inspired by scenes and acts from the opera whether drawn from the score, libretto, setting or particular theme. Oscillating between darker and lighter moments it was decided to include some light relief in re-hashing the narrative; which Purcell had based on a Greek tragic tale (the Aeneid). From the Orchestra of the Punished Behind which sees the Queen Of Carnage (the name a play on the Queen Of Carthage (Dido)) conducting a huge behind receiving corporal punishment to the overture - to the simple and honest lament When I am Laid In Earth sung live the scenes follow the narrative in an abstract but relative manner.

Sobriety Twist performance artiste & creative director gives an explanation as to why she has brought the two elements of Femdom and opera together by saying that “I was particularly struck by the character of Dido and her defining features of being untouchable and surrounded yet alone that which may parallel the perception and reality of a Dominatrix. Also there is no shock factor to this or an attempt to subvert a beautiful opera (and the most famous English one at that) rather an attempt to create an engaging piece of work from one style to another very different, using the parallels within both to highlight the difference and sameness that is within us all and of course the qualities that are unique to the Dominatrix.

This piece of work is an attempt to crossover to audiences - there is no explicit sexual performance within in it, of course there are BDSM references everywhere - the adaptation is based on that but I hope that those not interested in fetishism/BDSM will give the show a chance as the elements of opera, performance, comedy and art have been bound together to create what we see as a very unique and engaging piece of work. We are not preaching to the unconverted more saying come and take a look in from the outside.”



Sobriety - creative lead/director/performer/artist

Zoe Rixon - main visualscape/film maker/editor lead & creative collaborator

Paul Blackwood - soundscape producer & creative collaborator

Amy kingsmill - performer & creative collaborator

Emma Blackwood - installation film editor & creative collaborator

Tim Bowen - live & recorded cello

Gerry Black - promo photography/artistic structure maker

Jennifer Ramirez - PR

R. Mohammidi - recorded violin (soundscape)

H. Tozer - Aeneas vocal soundscape

Peter Hodgkinson - violin for promo & devising


Jennifer Ramirez, PR assistant,ER Productions Email:

Venue, tickets & press entry: Isabel Dixon, Marketing The Space:



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About the Space

Patron: Sir Ian McKellen

The Space is a performing arts centre based in a converted church on the Isle of Dogs, East London and managed by St Paul’s Arts Trust. The Space programmes over 200 performances a year incorporating an exciting mixture of classics, revivals and new writing from new, emerging and established theatre artists.

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