"QOC...in its own way is the ‘spiritual’ offspring of vanguard provocateur Peter Greenaway...


...blurring the barriers between painting, physical performance, digital imagery, projection and installation."

    Breaking the Fourth Wall


"kinky and unsettling"

                     Audience review

"the art installations were fantastic"


 'fabulous show, really original & innovative, with great visuals  & great music"

 Jenny Runacre, Zone 1 Radio


Queen Of Carnage is a live art adaptation of purcell's Dido & Aeneas, performed over 5 nights at the Space arts centre in April 2107. Multi disciplinary and multi-media it is both installation & performance based  with an abstract narrative relayed through various scenes using the score and libretto of the opera. Whilst the central character Dido is re-imagined as a Dominatrix and Belinda her submissive/Mistress in training, Aeneas is represented throughout in digital form. Working without funding the work was supported by co-producing venue The Space, Isle Of Dogs.

We hope Queen Of Carnage will return next year pending funding to fully realise the work.












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COLLABORATIVE DIGITAL IMAGERY ARTISTE - ZOE RIXON - "As an Industry trained broadcast editor and film maker, I have worked across a wide range of genres in both television and film but I focus my creative passion on art and music.Currently involved in a number of projects including a feature length documentary on artist Penny Slinger, I seek to collaborate with like minded artists and musicians to produce innovative and ground breaking work. Work that both looks to the future using my extensive technical background and draws influence from the past through my wide reaching knowledge of alternative culture."

COLLABORATIVE SOUNDSCAPE ARTISTE - Paul Blackwood - Soundscape artiste in this capacity, Paul Blackwood is a musician, producer and artiste who together with partner Emma make up Punkvert. Working with a wide range of bands he has produced not only others' sounds but also the albums of his own - performing at such festivals as download and described as "Taking conceptual punk pranksterism cabaret to new highs, new lows"

CREATIVE LEAD/DIRECTOR & PERFORMER/MUSICIAN - SOBRIETY TWIST - Starting out as a performance poet in the early 00s Sobriety has shifted to comedy burlesque to performance art; employing multi disciplines in working with collaborators. Graduating in 2010 with an MA in Performance Making from Goldsmiths she has been mentored by the likes of Julia Bardesley and has created and performed at Fierce International Festival, Ed Fringe, Battersea Arts Centre, The Drum - Bham, Glastonbury with Lucha Britannia, Artsfest at the CBSO and on the murkier side, fetish clubs from Torture Garden to Club Pedestal. The Dominatrix has been both a re-occurring theme and fascination in informing her art. 

Tim Bowen is a classically-trained cellist. He has played on various non-classical outfits, including such luminaries as chanteuse The Anchoress and disco-metal cult Chrome Hoof. Tim’s current projects are the ambient drone duo False Echo and folk-roots ensemble Seven Headed Raven.

COLLABORATIVE ARTISTE - Gerry Black - From out of Berlin, Gerry Black is now a London based photograper focusing, as an artiste, on alternative culture and subcultures.  On Queen Of Carnage he is both promotional photgrapher and artistic structure maker. 

Collaborative PERFORMER - AMY KINGSMILL -  is a young London based artist working mainly in radical & fetish performance. Also the mastermind of Rubber Cult club night she has recently spent time with Ron athey to inform her practice and is a well known face on the fetish club scene. "Welcome to the new esoteric theatre. Its not minimalist and its not maximal. Meaning a costume drama without sets. The iconography - yes archetypal - is pumped to cartoon colours and graphics. But the speed, the intention, is pure luxury. Amy Kingsmill straddles cabaret/trance/spectacle and infuses the space with exuberance.' -Ron Athey 

COLLABORATIVE ARTISTE - Emma Blackwood -  With a background in VJing and visual installation as  (Punkvert) Emma made her first narrative film piece 'One Useless Prick' back 2003. Emma's visual installations have been part of works shown at Fierce International Festival & Edinburgh Fringe with films - ranging from band bios to award winning documentaries - having been shown at such venues and festivals as the ICA and Portobello Film Festival. 

Peter Hodgkinson  Violin for promotional media & in devising process

Raja Mohammidi  Lead violin on soundscape  

Henry Tozer (Aeneas vocal/harpischord)

Sponsors (headwear)